Cookie Opt-In - Release of the Version 3.0

Cookie Opt-In - Release of the Version 3.0

Fabian Galinski 05. March 2020 Releases

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Today we have released version 3.0 of our Cookie Opt-In. This update adds a lot of new features, improves existing functions and solves many bugs. :)

Many thanks to everyone who reports bugs and suggestions for improvement in our Gitlab Issue Tracker !

Milenstone        Demo-Page

  • A new alternative template
  • Installation of a banner
  • Full control over all templates
  • Full deployment capability without a database
  • Improvement of the search engine friendliness
  • Optimization of the general performance
  • General stabilization of the existing functions


The first major feature in this release is a new alternative template for opt-in. This is wider and visually clearer than the standard template. If you want to apply it, you only have to use a select box in the TYPO3 backend, which is shown in the pictures below. Existing texts and colors are combined with new ones, which are dynamically faded in and out.

You can also see here that from now on all templates can be overwritten. As template language we have chosen Mustache for several reasons. The possible variables are currently only visible in the other templates, which can also be customized.

The Banner

Another new feature is the banner. As with the new template, this can be completely configured and edited in the backend. There are a lot of options, like the positioning of the banner, the template itself as well as the texts and colors.

If the site does not use cookies, you can hide the button for the settings, because it opens the normal cookie opt-in. In addition, the page is fully functional for the user, even if the user has not clicked on Agree.

Full deployment capability & more

From now on it is possible to include the generated files directly on a page without the need for the extension. To do so, you have to include the generated files directly in the HTML source code in the fileadmin. Of course, it still happens completely automatically as before, if the extension is installed.

In addition, the target folder for generated files can now also be configured, if you don't want to have them in the fileadmin. This new setting can be found in the options of the extension. You can find it within the settings backend module from TYPO3 9.x on (Admin Tools SettingsExtension Configurationsg_cookie_optin).

Last but not least it should be mentioned that all CSS and JavaScript files are now compressed. If you want to deactivate this, you will find a checkbox in the configuration under the tab Settings.


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