Cookie Opt-In - Release of the Version 3.3.0

Cookie Opt-In - Release of the Version 3.3.0

Fabian Galinski 19. January 2021 Releases

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Cookie Optin / Consent for TYPO3

Today we have released version 3.3.0 of our Cookie Opt-In. This update adds a lot of new features, improves existing functions and solves many bugs. :)

Many thanks to everyone who reports bugs and suggestions for improvement in our Gitlab Issue Tracker !

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New features:

  • More flexibility to the external content replacement box. You can now add additional content between the settings button and the accept button
  • For those of you who run multiple TYPO3 instances – you can now import the configuration of one website to another. (from TYPO3 9)
  • Added a new API methods to check whether a specific group has been accepted or not. For example SgCookieOptin.checkIsExternalGroupAccepted()
  • You may now specify pages on which the cookie banner is not supposed to show. Very handy for the Privacy policy page itself, for example.
  • You can now disable the GDPR cookie consent for specific site languages. Your Chinese or Russian customers must not be bothered with this :)
  • We now show the cookie banner again after some period of time if the user hasn’t accepted all cookies. Just to remind him that he is missing on features and maybe he decided to change his preferences.
  • We now show the cookie banner again if there were new cookies added since the last time the user has set his preferences.
  • We took another step in helping you towards the GDPR-compliance - we now urge the website administrators to describe their essential cookies. There must be at least one essential cookie now. Our essential Opt-In cookie for example.
  • And further more – if the user removes his consent for some cookie group that he previously had consented to, the cookies that may have been on his computer are now being removed.
  • Improved the contrast ratio in the cookie banner
  • Improved the usability in the configuration panel


  • Fixed a bug where a blank page was showing when there was no site root.
  • The “disable powered by” didn’t work in some configurations and it has now been fixed.
  • Improved the handling of the URL paths when TYPO3 is in a subdirectory.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘...’ button didn’t work in the admin panel.


TYPO3 Versions 6.2.X | 7.6.X | 8.7.X | 9.5.X | 10.4.X
PHP Versions 5.5.X | 7.0.X | 7.1.X | 7.2.X | 7.3.X | 7.4.X
Tested Browsers Internet Explorer 11 and Evergreen Browsers


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