Fluid and TypoScript Plugin 2.5.0

Fluid and TypoScript Plugin 2.5.0

Fabian Galinski 23. July 2021 Releases

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Today we have released version 2.5.0 of our Fluid and TypoScript Plugin. This update improves the stability and provides some smaller new features. Many thanks to all who report bugs in our Gitlab issue tracker!

Fluid Plugin Changelog

  • [FEATURE] Recognizes Twig syntax and doesn't inject Fluid anymore at these positions.
  • [FEATURE] Adds an intention and setting to disable this plugin for projects.
  • [TASK] Provide the compatibility to the newest IDE versions.
  • [BUGFIX] An exception which was thrown on the startup in some cases.

The setting can be found under "File -> Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> Fluid Settings (Project)". Alternatively, you can set it via the new intention in the context menu (CTRL + Enter), within the Fluid files.

TypoScript Plugin Changelog

  • [FEATURE] Support of Parenthesis within the TypoScript conditions like "[condition1 && (condition2 || condition3)]".
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the code formatting.
  • [TASK] Provide the compatibility to the newest IDE versions.
  • [BUGFIX] Syntax Error: Logical operator "not" or "!" isn't working correctly.
  • [BUGFIX] Syntax Error: Empty parts / two consecutive dots in TypoScript object paths.


TYPO3 Versions7.6.X | 8.7.X | 9.5.X | 10.4.X
IDE Versions
from 2018.1
to min. 2020.1

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


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