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What is the "tinymce4_rte"?

TinyMCE stands for Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor and is a WYSIWIG editor for web applications based on JavaScript. The extension "tinymce" integrates it into TYPO3 and offers an API for use. The "tinymce4_rte" in turn integrates the editor as RTE into TYPO3. Like the similar named "tinymce_rte" it contains additional plugins for links and images, but they don't have much in common otherwise.

The extension was developed for our customer AshtangaYoga.info and we would like to thank you for the release of the extension.

Editor instead of HTML code

Figure 1 shows you the rich text editor in action. The text box of the editor reminds you of the layout of MS Word. Therefore it should be easy for most users to get used to this extension.

If you compare figures 1 & 2 with each other, you should notice that the editor offers some advantages, such as clarity, even for HTML-experienced people.

Internal / external links, files, pictures and much more. Insert

You can insert external links, files and much more with just a few clicks. All you have to do is mark a text passage and click on the "Insert" tab to insert the link. After that you will get figure 3.

Figure 4 shows you the links as described before, but instead of "Insert link" you click on "Insert image".

The plugins "Insert Link" and "Insert Images" (Figure 3 & 4) are based on the corresponding plugins from the rich text editor "rtehtmlarea". Since this is contained directly in the core, the code also works with the latest features of TYPO3. Also a future adaptation to new core versions is relatively easy, because only the code has to be synchronized again. However, there will be only few or no changes at these points from us, in order to be able to guarantee the maintainability.

This was only a rough overview of what the extension offers you. More detailed information about the "tinymce4_rte" can be found in our Open-Source Section.

If you want to help us with the further development of the "tinymce4_rte" or if you have wishes or suggestions, you can do this via the corresponding Project in our Gitlab Instance.


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